CDA management briefed on way forward regarding flats at Lehtrar road site


ISLAMABAD, JUL 17 – /DNA/ – FWO and Director special projects briefed CDA management on progress and way forward regarding flats at Lehtrar road site.

CDA is in process of constructing multiple housing projects at Lehtrar road and now the FWO is mobilized in the area and base camp has been established. Three distinct projects are planned in the area.

More than 4000 apartments shall be constructed in total. The project is in self financed mode and part of the govt plan to serve housing  needs.

In this context nearly 2000 (two thousand) apartments are in category of NAPHDA whereas balance apartments are for public sale.

Separately 400 flats for kachi abadi shall also be constructed.

Now that engineering teams are mobilized project shall be completed in two years.