ISLAMABAD, JUL 3: The Embassy of the state of Palestine in Pakistan arranged a virtual meeting on July 3rd with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) and the Palestinian Business Council (PBC). The delegates are: Aya Arafat, Advisor to Ambassador, Mr. Sardar Ilyas khan, the ICCI President, and Mr. Ziad Anabtawi, Head of the Joint Business Councils.

The delegates discussed the joint business opportunities between Pakistan and Palestine,  establishing a Pal-Pak joint business council, and  business opportunities to advance trade partnerships. 

Mr. Sardar welcomed the idea of establishing the Pal-Pak joint business council and supported establishing business Channels with partners in Palestine. On the other hand, he confirmed his virtual participation in the Jericho forum that will be held on Wednesday, July 7th. 

Mr. Ziad Anabtawi introduced the Palestinian Businessmen Association (PBA) and their accomplishments in the international business with other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and many other countries. He said Palestine has a long experience in establishing JV with other businessmen in many countries and he is looking forward to establishing new business bonds with Pakistan. 

The delegations also discussed expand economic, trade, and investment, and cooperation between the two countries. Mainly, opportunities to expand trade on agriculture, specifically on Mangos. Pakistan produces the best quality mangoes, in terms of nutritious value and also in appearance and condition as well. Pakistan is a major potential producer of mangoes and predicted that up to 160,000 Metric Tons (MT) of mangoes will be exported in the year of 2021.

The participants agreed to continue the dialogue in order to catalyze stronger business relationship. Mr. Sardar emphasized his commitments to support the aspirations to strengthen the bond between the two countries.