COMSTECH training on establishment of Halal lab concludes


ISLAMABAD: COMSTECH 3-day training course on “How to establish Halal testing laboratory”, concludes on Thursday.

Eight technical sessions were held during the course in which 23 lectures were delivered by national and international speakers both in-person and online. Each lecture was half hour long and followed by question, answer session.

Introduction of the concept of Halal, global view of Halal Industry, standards for Halal testing laboratories, emerging of non-halal contaminants in food and in non-food samples, testing of pork-related molecules, current trends in halal science research and innovation, virtual demonstration of testing, halal compliance in view of Sharia, and halal policy and management for testing laboratories were the key topics of this training course on which scientists and Muslim religious scholars delivered comprehensive lectures.

The concluding address was delivered by Mr. Akhtar A. Bughio, Director General, Pakistan Halal Authority. He said that we should well equip ourselves with enough laboratories for halal testing, and comply with the standards of the places where our products are being exported. The course was attended by a large number of participants online and in-person from OIC member states.