By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

It is in human nature to exhibit aggression. It is also in human nature to remain modest and obey the rules. We as a nation must show our pure side and refrain from being arrogant. However, it is a norm to see people drive on the wrong side of the road, throw litter where there are not supposed to, get electricity through immoral means and the list goes on. As individuals, we must follow the rules and not find any shortcuts.

These shortcuts lead to one becoming immoral, corrupt, and feel superior to others. The art of living a civilized life is to accept the rules, follow them diligently, and advise others to do the same. The concept of following the rules seems to be unknown in our part of the world. We intend to do acts that we are not supposed to. Despite the availability of a pedestrian bridge, people risk their lives by crossing the road in the presence of heavy traffic.

One must remember that children learn not by doing but by observing. These children, after growing up, will also cross the roads without safety precautions and will drive on the wrong side of the road for they have been seeing this happen during their childhood. People, in general, are aware of the rules but they do not give any heed to them. It is interesting to note that Pakistani when living abroad abide by the rules to the letter.

It is because the authorities penalize wrongdoers immediately. While our system has all the rules, the authorities need to follow their responsibilities by implanting the laws and penalizing those who do not obey them. Every sector, including the authorities enforcing various laws, must remain honest with their duties, and conduct their task with due diligence. Only then we can move towards becoming a civilized nation.