By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The second wave of the pandemic is sweeping across the country. While the doctors and healthcare staff are diligently working to help patients recover, the virus is spreading – this is an alarming situation indeed. With the Eid al-Fitr right around the corner, people need to decide how to keep themselves safe. Eid festivities do elate us as people go shopping. However, the pandemic and the continuous deaths caused by it have certainly made the situation ever too gloomy. In such a situation, one needs to remain cautious and protective.

There is no harm in celebrating Eid by wearing an old wardrobe. There is no harm if one decides not to visit the market for shopping. Indeed, to buy essential items is necessary and one can strategically plan the visit to the market. It can be done swiftly in the morning when there are fewer people in the market. The Eid shopping, however, must be contained for the greater good.

The members of the family must think about their children and elders – parents and grandparents – who may contract the virus from them. With such an uncertain situation and a possible lockdown to be implemented, we need to careful when planning to go out of our homes. If it is extremely necessary to leave the house, one must wear a mask and keep sanitizing hands after every ten minutes.

After returning home, they should sanitize themselves and leave their shoes out in the open for a while before spraying them with a sanitizer and then bringing them inside. Eid is an occasion that we celebrate to cherish our prayers and efforts done during Ramazan. Children enjoy Eid the most for obvious reasons. This time, parents and elders must protect themselves and their children by staying at home.