PIA cancels all passenger flights to Canada


KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has canceled all flights to Canada.

According to the spokesperson of the PIA, all the flights to Canada have been canceled due to the ban on flights from Pakistan to Canada.

A 16-member PIA crew was also stranded in Toronto due to flight cancellations. The 16-member cockpit and cabin crew were scheduled to leave Canada for Pakistan on Saturday.

It should be noted that Canada has imposed a 30-day ban on flights from Pakistan and India, citing increased Covid-19 cases detected in travelers arriving from these countries.

The announcement was made by Canadian Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra.

The ministry said 35 flights from India had arrived in Canada in the past week, with a large number of passengers infected with the coronavirus.

It is to be noted that the COVID-19 cases have reached an alarming situation in India as more than 300,000 cases were reported yesterday while 2,256 corona patients lost their lives. India currently has the second-highest number of corona cases in the world after the United States.

Yesterday, UAE officials also announced an air travel ban in view of the deteriorating situation in India.