ISLAMABAD, APR 20 (DNA) – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) administration is using its own resources to clean up the city. In this regard, a total of 3000 tons of garbage is collected from all over the city in which 1600 tons of garbage is being collected daily from the sectoral area while 1400 tons of garbage is being collected and disposed from the suburbs and rural areas of Islamabad.

According to the details, the present administration of the Capitall Development Authority (CDA) is striving to modernize and improve the sanitation system in the city. What’s up,In the said suburbs, Sohan, Pandorian, Zia Masjid, Khanna Bridge, Lehtar Road, Tarlai, Tramri and other areas are using their resources to collect 1400 tons of garbage daily. On the other hand, control the sanitation situation in the city. The company has 2100 laborers.

At present, the company has 7 Garbage Compactors, 9 Dumpers, 6 Buckets, 2 Mechanical Sweepers, 7 Skip Lifters, 2 Excavators, a Suzuki Mini Dumper, 3 Shehzur Mini Dumpers, 4 Suzuki Mini Dumpers, 1500 Garbage in different markets.1200 Garbage Trolleys One Ton Capacity, 200 Garbage Skip 13 Ton Capacity have been placed at different places of the city to keep the city clean, and there are other missionaries including blades.

The Sanitation Department cleans streets, neighborhoods, houses and main highways on a daily basis, while rural and suburban areas of the city are cleaned after a gap of two to three days. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) strives to provide modern facilities to the citizens.