New clashes in Mozambique’s northeast: army


New clashes in Mozambique’s northeast: army

                Maputo, April 16 ():New clashes have erupted in the town of Palma in Mozambique, three weeks after a militants attack there left dozens of people dead and forced thousands to flee their homes, military and security sources said.

                  “There were shots, but the situation is under control,” said a military commander, speaking on condition of anonymity late Thursday.

                  “They attacked in a village in Mueda, in Pundanhar and Palma almost simultaneously,” said a security source based in Maputo.

                  Islamic State-linked militants raided the coastal town of Palma on March 24 in an assault that marked a major intensification in an insurgency that has wreaked havoc across Cabo Delgado province for over three years as the militants seek to establish a caliphate.

                  The violence pushed France’s Total to desert a nearby multi-billion-dollar gas project. 

                  And since then, there have been fears of new attacks in the gas-rich province.