FDA to be streamlined on modern lines to serve people


Insaf shops set up in Faisalabad to provide people with cheap daily use items


FAISALABAD: Faisalabad Development Authority( FDA) Director General Dr Faisal Azim has said that the all sections of FDA would be made in line with the modern requirements under new vision and extra ordinary development projects would be concieved to boost up the image of this institution. He was presiding over introductory meeting in which he was briefed about the functions and performance about the different directorates of FDA. Additional Director General Amer Aziz and Chief Engineer Shahid Mehmood briefed about the administrative structure, budget details, governing body composition and other departmental activities. He said that the new uplift projects would be initiated side by side routin departmental affairs. He assured that Punjab government would be approached to get the required funds for the completion of abortive development projects. He directed for accelerating the efforts to finalise the  twenty year Faisalabad Master Plan 2021-2041 without further delay. He stressed upon continuing the effective operation against illegal housing schemes, removal of encroachments, recovery of dues .He urged upon the raising the quality of FDA services and said early relief should be provided to each and every applicant through one window counter. He said that necessary steps should be taken for the welfare of the employees and their issues should be redressed under government policy, rules & regulations. The DG was apprised of the FDA City development programme, on going project of sports complex and details of operation against illegal housing schemes. It was revealed in briefing session that projects of Faisalabad Ring Road, establishment of innovative district and science & techno Park.


 Insaf Sasti Shops have been established outside the 40 Mega Stores in the city to provide essential items to the consumers. Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali visited various mega stores and reviewed the availability, quality and sale process of fruits, vegetables and groceries at Insaf Sasti Shops. Additional Deputy Commissioner General Khurram Pervez and Assistant Commissioner Sadar Umar Maqbool was also present on the occasion. Deputy Commissioner said that “Insaf Sasti Shops” are being set up outside 40 big superstores of the city which will be fully functional before the month of Ramadan where consumers will be provided standard fruits and vegetables, pulses, basins, flour, sugar and other basic necessities in the general market. He asked the management of Marts to display the price lists of the items in a prominent place so that the buyers would be aware of the prices and there should be no shortage of any item.

He said that services should be available at Insaf Sasti Shops beyond the expectations of the people. The Deputy Commissioner said that 150 Insaf Sasti Mobile Shops consisting of loader rickshaws were also selling fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices to consumers in densely populated areas of the city. He said that all available resources are being utilized to provide all possible relief to the consumers during the holy month.

DC inspects various shops

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali reached different areas including Samanabad to check the implementation of SOPs and  take out the passengers from car and motorbike riders without face masks and made them stand facing the wall for some time. The Deputy Commissioner reminded the citizens to be aware of the seriousness of the current third wave in Corona and to avoid leaving their homes without a face mask, which is essential to protect the health of them and their families. He reprimanded the shopkeepers and vendors and said that registration of cases against the violators of Corona SOPs was going on in the district so follow the strict guidelines laid down to keep the business going. He said that 133 people have lost their lives due to corona since March 1, which shows the severe nature of the current outbreak, while according to official data, more than 4,800 people have tested positive for corona in the same period. He said that there is a load of corona patients in government hospitals as well, so the citizens should prove their responsibility as before so that they do not have to be strict and the spread of corona virus can be stopped. He said that preventive  measures are being taken for prevention, but without social support, the epidemic cannot be defeated, so continue civic cooperation. Meanwhile DC said that 1193 marriage halls, restaurants, shopping malls/ plaza,private schools have been sealed for non compliance of Corona SoPs/ lock down.