Cricket earns favor in more Chinese Children


BEIJING,, April 2 : ” We are planning to hold some activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan including cricket activities among schools,” said Wang Zihai, Deputy Director of Pakistan China Center in the SCO Demonstration Zone.

According to Gwadar Pro, the activities are to take place in the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Demonstration Zone in Qingdao.

Cricket is the national sport of Pakistan. When Pakistani Ambassador Moin ul Haque visited Qingdao last time,he awarded two elementary schools as cricket characteristic schools.

“Under the support of China-SCO Demonstration Zone, we work closely with schools and education departments to push forward the cricket program. We hire coaches, provide equipment, renovate the venues to cultivate Chinese children’s interest in cricket.

“Cricket is not trendy in China because people are not familiar with it. When we teach cricket skills and rules to children in Chinese schools, many are very interested.”

Wang Zihai aims to add more schools in Qingdao to be cricket characteristic schools so that they can hold internal games to enhance training.

“When the amount of teenage cricket lovers in these schools reaches a certain scale, we also plan to organize friendly matches between Chinese and Pakistani youths. This has been included in our work plan, and we have a certain budget for it.”

According to Wang Zihai, the Embassy of Pakistan suggested a friendly match between the embassy staff and cricket characteristic school children after a certain period of training.

“This could be a very meaningful activity. Although the children’s skills are far behind, all participants can be mixed and grouped. I believe that the improvement of cricket skills of those Chinese children can sprout the seed of Sino-Pakistani friendship planted in their young hearts.” Wang Zihai said.