BJPs Demographic rebranding in IIoJK and International Law


Dr. Sheikh Waleed Rasool

Reconstruction of Hinduism on the Hindutva autocratic style in India is now consolidated practice in Indian politics since the rise of the BJP, particularly under two terms of Mr. Narendra Modi’s premiership.Dr.Sham Prasad Mukherjee’s strategic thinking is now applied on the campaign and tactical level though this brand has synergy with Chainkiyan Philosophy of the “Sam, dam, “dand,”baid”, which was the core philosophy of the ever big Hindu empire in 300 BC.

The Militarisation of Hinduism is now underpinning in BJP political system. To bring down the Cristian, Sikhs, particularly the Muslim minority, yielded the desired results in post-Gujrat rites against Muslims. Therefore, to hatch the hatred and bank upon it is the adequate political manuring of the BJP.Therefore, Indian state policy is currently a severe concern when India is least bothered about global image.

Indian scholar Mahindra Malhotra claims thatBJP already meets seven signs of early Fascism. It is an alarming situation for the international community and India’s sane civil society. Contrary to this, BJPreiterates it is their own way of nationalism,claimed by BJP MP, Mr. Mukherjee. He says,”It is democracy”. We have our own slogans and symbols, and the majority supports this and voting the BJP IS its testimony. He claims,”It is why we are in power in two consecutive terms, and BJP will be back on the third term because of BJP appeals majority.

BJP branding is now a serious concern to the sane community of India. The Vice-chancellor of Ashoka University,Dr. Bhanu,says It is poison. It has been injected into the Hindu majority based on the pseudo-belief system. It is a lethal ideological project with severe repercussions because it has polarised India, and it is a prolonged shockthat may prevail.

Indian dilemma and discourse are shaped on the same lines. The legitimate movement of the right to self-determination of Kashmir under her occupation is also dealt with areligious prism. Since Kashmir is a Muslim majority state so, this connotation can be easily exploited. It is pretended to mention that minorities of India, particularly the most significant minority Muslims of India, are already under severe stress from the Hindutva ideological branding. It is ironic that in 220 Million Muslims, there are only 22 Muslim parliamentarians elected from India and none from the BJP.It depicts that Muslims of India are already marginalised in India. They have little representation in the Indian political system, and the same plan is being implemented in Kashmir to bring the Hindu CM and consolidate the bank of hatred.

India exhausted any and every method to lure the people of Jammu and Kashmir besides the use of military might, but India failed in Kashmir. Therefore, she   Ultimately scrapped the special status article 370 and 35/A while amending article 268 through the backdoor to empower the Governor. He is not elected representative but the repo of the Indian government to bring the demographic shift.

It is the pseudo-legal step of Indian modus-Operandi to bring the democratic shift in play and change the Muslimmajority into a minority. According to media sources, 2710,000 state subjects has been issued to Indian since 2019. The second step of this plan is the delimitation so that assembly seats of the Hindu will be increased and the elections would be announced to practice the Indian module of the Moditiva-democracy.

This lethal practice can be caped neither by Kashmir nor by minorities of India under the current situation, including the sane intellectual community of India who raises this issue and its gravity of the repercussions in India and the region. Therefore, the United Nations’ main objective was to protectinternational peace and security when it is threatened. The resolution passed in General Assumably on 13 December 1985 in the 14th Session that measures shall be taken against Neo-fascist activities and other forms of the totalitarian ideologies, practices and the activities on racial and religious intolerance, hatred and terror is most relevant in the current situation of India when basic six rules of early Fascism are implemented under resent regime.

The neo-fascist activities and totalitarian ideology of the Hindutva shallbe dealtthrough international law to interpret early Fascism. To bring onboard the International community and the UN based on the observations of Hindu scholars who are under India’s clutches wrath is adequate to prove thatFascism is now state policy of India. The UNrole is imperative not only for Kashmiris and the Indian minority but also for the Indian sane community, global peace and the International system.

The current political system of India wrapped in Fascism is not now the primary or the second phase,anadvanced phase;Therefore, the right and a ripe time to deal with India because Indian elite scholars are providing enough material available to raise this concern globally. It took the people of Bangladesh five years to understand what is agenda of Mr, Modi when he claimed in Dacca University that he fragmented Pakistan and he is the best friend of Bangladesh and the same is the scenario of Nepal.

The systematic genocide of the Indian military machine equipped by legal licence under AFSPA to kill the Kashmiri people in general and youth in particular since 1989 till date was a grave concern. However, India is moving one step ahead to bring the democratic shift in play in post scraping of the special status of 35/A. It carries severe repercussions and Kashmiris are now on the brink of extinction because o demographic terrorism; Therefore, a multi-dimensional multi-disciplinary proactive approach is required to cap this menace. 

Dr.Rasool is a PhD(IR) and Director of the Institute of Dialogue, Development and Diplomatic studies. He can be reached at