BEIJING, MAR 29 (DNA): “Despite COVID-19, our efforts on Pak-China cooperation in liver transplant have not stalled. Actually, we’re working on three priorities so that we can continue with liver transplantation for Pakistani patients after the pandemic.”

This was stated by Dr. Zhu ZhiJun, a Chinese Professor of Medicine, Director of Liver Transplant Center, Beijing Friendship Hospital (BFH), who has provided Pakistani patients with free liver transplant, according to Gwadar Pro.

He pointed out three task priorities of his team for the future: minimally invasive transplantation through endoscopy; accurate diagnosis through genetic analysis; convenient conversation and exchanges between doctors of the two countries through favorable policies.

Endoscopy and genetic analysis, two of the most advanced technologies in this field, effectively relieve the pain of patients and improve the cure rate.

Dr. Zhu introduced: “They are considered as revolutionary technologies by the international medical community and have become mature and achieved good results in China.”

Since 2018, Dr. Zhu and his team have visited Pakistan several times and successfully operated more than 40 liver transplant surgeries which are free of charge.

“Though due to COVID-19 pandemic we’ve been unable to visit Pakistan, we’ve kept in touch with our comrades and patients in Pakistan.

The good news is, our patients are getting better and doing well after the operations.

According to the updates by hospitals in Pakistan, most of them have gradually returned to normal life. ” Dr. Zhu gladly said.

“Pakistan is a big country with liver disease, but the nation only performs no more than 200 cases of liver transplant a year. Our efforts not only aim to cure the patients, but more purpose to train and cultivate a group of Pakistani specialists,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Zhu received a letter from Lieutenant General Nigar Johar. In the letter, she thanked Chinese doctors: “I appreciate the effort of your team for capacity building to accommodate patients to save their lives.

Indeed, the Liver Transplant Unit has immensely benefitted from your expertise and experience.”=DNA