Renowned Industrialist Tariq Sadiq elected as New President of IIA



ISLAMABAD, MAR 16 – The out-going President of Islamabad Industrial Association Mian Akram Farid’s services for industrial development are unforgettable. Establishment of Industrial Estate under his leadership is a historic achievement. Tariq Sadiq, new President of Islamabad Industrial Association (IIA) vowed he will take forward the mission of Mian Akram Farid to solve the problems.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Islamabad Industrial Association (IIA) was held at its office at Islamabad Industrial Association. Industrial Association’s sub-trade bodies from manufacturing, Automobiles, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Marble, and Flour commended the tireless efforts of M Akram Farid. Islamabad Industrial Association is the sole representative of the Industrialists in the Capital Area and the neighboring Industrial Estates including Kahuta Industrial Triangle.

Leading industrialist and social figure of Islamabad Mian Akram Farid as the President of Islamabad Industrial Association has worked tirelessly to bring industry and trade of Islamabad in line with the requirements of construction and development and modern times.He has always worked day and night to solve the problems of the industrialists on priority basis. The Islamabad Industrial Association, led by its senior vice president Nasir Qureshi and vice president Mirza Muhammad Ali, has played a significant role in highlighting the industrial identity of Islamabad.It is worth mentioning that the various Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed with the major defense establishments in various respects, today Islamabad’s industry is one of the most important in Pakistan.

A graceful event in the honor of M. AkramFarid, the outgoing President of the Association held in which changeover ceremony take place. During his address, the President IIA paid tribute to the services of lateFaridoonKhatak (late), the Senior Vice President (SVP) and underlined his meritorious services for Industry.

 AkramFarid threw light on evolution of Industry in Islamabad and the Industrial Association itself. He highlighted main problems of Industry and briefed on efforts made to resolve them. Farid briefed the house on achievements made so far and acknowledged the cooperation of CDA and CBR in this regard. The achievements regarding included improving security, tax matters, corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and welfare of people associated with Industry, he said.

The President IIA apprised that apart from solving Industry problems the main objective of the Association was to develop a soft image of industry. The Association kept liaison with Trade Bodies, Chambers of Commerce and other Industrial Associations. There was a great potential for Business community to join hands for indigenous production for defense organizations. The Association has done a lot for environment as well. Installation of pollution control plants in steel industry and plantation of 50,000 saplings are worth mentioning.

Khalid Javed, Chairman of New Industrial Zone Committee apprised the members about current developments on the project. He said that land for the new Industrial Zone has already been marked near the new Islamabad Airport. The industrialists from Islamabad and nearing areas can benefit, he said. Khalid Javed also briefed on functioning of Islamabad Industrial Association and stressed the need to establish a separate and independent office to enhance its effectiveness.

Newly elected President Tariq Sadiq said that the achievements made so far owe to the unity among industrialists and nothing would have been achieved without unity. We have a strong desire to develop Islamabad Industrial Association as an Institution, Tariq Sadiq said. The newly elected president said that Industry had many issues with CDA and FBR and hoped that both the Government Departments will cooperate for solving Industry problems. The new elected president of Islamabad Industrial Association, Tariq Sadiq vowed that all out efforts would be made in order to make industrial area an ideal one. It is hoped that he will make further progress in the mission and vision of Mian Akram Farid and under his leadership Islamabad’s industry will continue this journey of success.

 The new president of the association, Tariq Sadiq, is experienced and always seems determined to bring industry and commerce in line with the requirements of the modern age.  The new president of the association, TariqSadiq, is experienced and has always been committed to adapting industry and commerce to the requirements of the modern age. It is hoped that TariqSadiq and his team will continue to play a positive role in understanding and resolving issues and issues related to the industry.  Having worked with former President Mian Akram Farid for a long time, it is hoped that he will play a significant role in leading Islamabad’s industry and trade to betterment and development, and to the industry-related business community. They will take concrete and positive steps to resolve all kind of problems.

OmaisKhattak, who was elected as Senior Vice President, thanked the house for entrusting him as SVP and said that no stone will be left unturned for betterment of Industry. He said that the senior members of the Association are the torch bearer for the newly elected body and full use of their experience will be made.The election of Senior Vice President OmaisKhattak and Vice President (VP) Shaukat Hayat, who are part of his team, will be a milestone in the development of the industry located in the capital and adapting it to modern requirements. It has played an important role in the industrial development of Islamabad and has always been active and proactive in solving the problems of the industrialists as a result of which the industry and commerce sector located in the federal capital today occupies an important place in Pakistan.

Among the participants wereFormer chairman All Pakistan Pipe Manufacturing Association Ch. Waheed-ud-Deen, former President ICCI MianShaukatMasud, Sheikh Muneer, Mian Abdul Sami, former President ICCI Sheikh Amir Waheed, former President ICCI MehfoozElahi, Ch. Mukhtair,Chairman Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association  Sheikh Abdul  Waheed, Fahad Waheed Muhammad Saleem Mughal, Former Vice President FPCCI,Karim Aziz Malik, MianWaqasMasud,MehmoodWariach, Fida Butt, Zakria A Zia, Mirza M Ali,President All Pakistan Marble Industry Association (APMIA) Sheikh Rizwan, Dawood Khan,SohailSadiqui, JavedIqbal, Mian Irfan, ,former  Senior Vice President ICCI Rafat Farid, Vice President ICCI Abdul Rehman Khan, Former President ICCI Nasir khan, Former President ICCI Mohasin Khalid, Muhammad Shakir, Hafiz Bilal Muner, Muhammad Umar, Senior Vice President ICCI Ms. Fatima Azim, Former President ICCI Muhammad Ahmed, Muhammad  Tahir, KashifFarid, Iftikhar A Sethi and others were also present on the occasion.