RCCI shows concerns on new COVID-19 restrictions


RAWALPINDI, MAR 16 (DNA) – The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Nasir Mirza has expressed concerns on Punjab Government notification on lock-down amid COVID-19 third wave.

In a statement, RCCI President Nasir Mirza said that closing shops at 6 pm will increase the rush which will increase the chances of more Corona cases. Ramadan is approaching. We have to understand the ground realities, he added. The business community of Rawalpindi has serious concerns over the lockdown notification from the Punjab government.

Business activities that are already in decline will be severely hampered if business closure is observed for Saturday and Sunday. He further added that customers normally shop on weekends due to not finding time on working days. However, closing businesses on Weekend will only cause more rush at markets on other days and lead to a further increase in Covid cases.

The government should focus on implementation of COVID SOPs and traders assured full cooperation here.

He said that a uniform policy should be adopted in all the cities across the country to deal with the Covid epidemic. Smart lockdown policy should be formulated in collaboration with the stakeholders.

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are twin cities. Under Smart Lockdown, the closing hours of shops should be kept the same, he demanded.

He said that only by adopting a uniform policy can Corona be dealt with effectively. The Rawalpindi Chamber stands with the business community.=DNA