Chinese ambassador to Pakistan visits Orange Line Metro Train project


LAHORE, MAR 12 (DNA) – Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong, visited the Orange Line Metro Train depot at Dera Gujjran in Lahore on Friday.

This was the first official visit of Nong Rong to the very first operational CPEC project in Pakistan. Top management officials from Norinco International welcomed the Chinese ambassador and escorted him to various departments of the project, where he also spoke with a Pakistani metro train driver to inquire about his ongoing experience.

The Ambassador expressed his satisfaction at the overall running of the project and congratulated the entire team for managing their professional duties with utmost dedication and commitment. H.E. Nong Rong was pleased with the growing percentage of Pakistani workforce engaged with the project and the technical skills and training being imparted to them for their professional growth.

While speaking at the occasion, Li-Chen, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Norinco International said, “We are humbled and pleased to welcome H.E. Nong Rong to the very first CPEC project in Pakistan that became operational on October 26, 2020.

The Orange Line Metro Train project is a symbol of the long-standing Pakistan-China friendship that is committed to embracing a successful future through mutual support and collaboration.

At Norinco International, we are determined to play a pivotal role in deepening these good relations between China and Pakistan and efficiently introducing the latest engineering marvels in Pakistan that can help modernize its socio-economic landscape.”

The Orange Line Metro Train is the very first CPEC project to be operationalized for public use. So far, 10 million passengers have travelled on the Orange Line Metro Train project since its inauguration on October 26, 2020.

This shows how local residents have embraced this project with utmost excitement and have made it a part of their daily lives. Thousands of commuters are benefiting from this safe, fast and economical mode of transportation which is also benefiting the environment. = DNA