CDA successfully countered an effort to occupy the government’s land


ISLAMABAD, MAR 12 (DNA) – The administration of Capital Development Authority (CDA) successfully countered an effort to occupy the government’s land at Dhoke Chaudhrian, Malpur here on Friday.

Land Mafia tried to occupy very important land of CDA, but the timely action of the administration of CDA successfully stopped the land mafia from occupying the land. CDA demolished newly constructed home, boundary walls, rooms, and other constructions and retrieved the government’s land.

On the other hand CDA’s campaign against encroachments and illegal constructions is also underway. In an operation against illegal construction the administration of CDA demolished an illegal building at sector I-12. Whereas 150 road side setups, 10 huts, 7 markets of construction material, and other illegal constructions were demolished during the operation at Mandi Mor and IJP road. Recovered goods have been captured.

Prior to this, the Enforcement department of CDA conducted an operation against encroachment at Faizabad. During the operation 30 stalls of fruit and vegetables were demolished. 02 trucks of goods were recovered and captured from the spot.

Environment staff handed over a person to police who was involved in using the green belt for cattle. The department has asked the concerned people time and again not to use green belt for cattle before taking action. The department received fine of Rs 100,000 from culprit at the occasion.

Green belt was retrieved during the operation by demolishing the illegal constructions and encroachments.