MNAs card mandatory for Senate elections: Suri


ISLAMABAD, Mar 02  : National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri Tuesday informed the House that cards of Members National Assembly (MNAs) are mandatory to poll vote for Senate elections.

He made this announcement during the session of the House and urged all the MNAs to approach the National Assembly Secretariat to get their cards if they don’t possess it.

Qasim Suri said the timing of the Senate elections would be announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

According to the Rule 111 of the Elections Rule 2017, the identity card is essential to cast the vote. According to this sub-rule (1) of the Rule 111, “Each voter shall carry with him an identity card issued to him by the Secretary National Assembly of which he is a Member and shall, if so required, show the same to the Returning Officer before a ballot paper is issued to him.

The sub-rule (2) states that the Returning Officer shall, after satisfying himself about the identity of the voter and after ensuring that he has not already voted, put a tick mark against the name of the voter in the list of voters, enter the name of the voter on the counterfoil of the ballot paper and, after stamping the ballot paper on its back with the official mark and initialing it, hand it over to the voter.

The sub-rule (3) of Rule 111 states that no ballot paper shall be issued to a voter unless it has been stamped with an official mark and initialed.

The sub-rule (4) says that no ballot paper shall be delivered to a voter unless he has put his signature on the counterfoil of the ballot paper in token of the receipt of the ballot paper.