CJ Balochistan High Court inaugurates Martyrs ‘Arcade in District Court Quetta


QUETTA, MAR 1 (DNA) –  Chief Justice Balochistan High Court Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhel inaugurated the Martyrs ‘Arcade in District Court Quetta.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Martyrs’ Arcade, Chief Justice Balochistan High Court Justice Jamal Mandokhel said that it was unfortunate that Every department in the country has formed a team to fulfill their own ambitions.

All the issues that are lacking should be resolved through negotiations. If terrorism is to be eradicated, then it is necessary to find the reasons and find a solution. The purpose of the establishment of martyr arcade is to pay homage to the martyrs of the Civil Hospital tragedy. The purpose for which the court buildings have been constructed does not seem to be fulfilled. If justice is not done, the seeker of justice will go out to seek justice himself.

Yes, the performance of judges across the country is very good. We will be happy when the number of pending cases in Balochistan is zero, we have to stand firm against corruption and unconstitutional measures, the government has a duty to provide all facilities to the people, when justice is not given to people, then powerful people use money and guns and weak people turn to the courts.=DNA