OGDCL spending Rs10.22mln in Lakki Marwat under CSR initiative


ISLAMABAD, Feb 28 : The Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL) is spending an amount of Rs 10.22 million, under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in Lakki Marwat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The Wali, Mianwali and Pezu blocks partially fall in District Lakki Marwat, and the OGDCL has deposited Rs 10.22 million in the joint bank account of the concerned deputy commissioner as per its social welfare obligation,”

The company has so far executed three different schemes approved by the respective social welfare committee, headed by the local Member National Assembly, at Rs 6.7 million, while Rs 3.52 million were still available with the DC Lakki Marwat to initiate new development schemes.

The OGDCL said appointments were made in accordance with criteria approved by its Board of Directors, and currently as many as 67 contractual and regular employees were working with it, who had the District Lakki Marwat domiciles.

“Moreover, considering the nature of business activities, the temporary interim arrangements of manpower are often made, preferably from locals of the area. At present, 17 service units of local manpower as project workers have been engaged through a 3rd party contractor at Rig N-6  of the Wali X-1 till completion of the project,” it added.

It said the total land of Wali X-1 field was 287 kanals 14 marlas, consisting of Shamlat Deh, and was hired on an annual rental basis for which no-objection-certificate was obtained from the DC Lakki Marwat.

The DC Lakki Marwat has been requested to identify and provide a list of possession holders, enabling the OGDCL to make payment accordingly. “Reply of which is still awaited.”

The company said it had neither purchased any land or house nor signed any agreement with local tribes in terms of development and welfare projects.

However, for the security arrangements at the Wali X-1, as many as 28 locals for security duties had been enrolled.

The company clarified that it always took proactive steps and strived towards conservation of the environment and elimination of pollution. “All Exploration & Production activities are being carried out under the compliance of applicable Initial Environment Examination and Environmental Impact Assessment regulations-2000.”