CDA conducts operation against land mafia


ISLAMABAD, FEB 22 (DNA) – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) administration has conducted operation against the land mafia on Lehtrar Road right of way demolished several encroachments. The chartered goods were confiscated and deposited in the CDA store.

According to the details, the influential land  Mafia has taken over the right of way from Lehtrar Road, Taramri Chowk to Khanna Bridge on a large scale and set up huts, dhabas, fences, stalls, tucked away stalls, puncture shops, toys, vegetable and fruit stalls, moving wheelbarrows.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued notices to the land Mafia several times to end its encroachments. Although operations were carried out against them, however, the influential land  Mafia would have re-occupied the aforesaid right of way and resumed commercial activities.

With the help of dozer, 65 sheds, 11 concrete walls, a wooden hut, 8 hut cabins, 5 iron fences, 10 goat markets, 6 cooking pots, locomotives including 13 billboards and dynamic encroachments have been demolished. Four truckloads of goods have also been seized on the spot.=DNA