RCCI President inaugurates furniture and living expo



RAWALPINDI: The furniture sector is playing an important role in boosting the country’s exports. Being part of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) it served as a backbone of the economy.  Inaugurating the Furniture and living Expo in Islamabad, The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Nasir Mirza said that such exhibitions should be held continuously to attract investors and people. Immediate steps should be taken to revitalize the furniture industry as this sector can create new employment opportunities along with increase in exports.

The government should give immediate attention. The furniture sector is an important component of the cottage industry. The government should provide tax breaks so that people associated with the industry can get quality machinery at cheaper rates. The price of electricity should be reduced.

He said that Pakistani furniture is popular all over the world. He also demanded the Government to reduce the import duty on the associated material. Later, the president along with organizers visited various stalls and appreciated the quality of the products.