PAS organizes special lecture on “Equality in Education”



ISLAMABAD, FEB 9: Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) organized a special lecture on “Equality in Education” on February 09, 2021, in the PAS Auditorium. Dr. Hazir Ullah, Associate Professor Sociology & Director ORIC, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad was invited as a Guest Speaker. He spotlighted the existing education inequities in Pakistan.

He stressed that education is a basic human right and must be equally accessible to all citizens, irrespective of social class, gender, ethnicity, race, or rural and urban divide as a public good. He argued that the government of Pakistan should focus on the equity of education in society.

Dr. Hazir Ullah stressed Fair and Inclusive education for the welfare of our society. A fair and inclusive educational system ensures access to high-quality education and provides opportunities for personalized learning, personal and social development. He emphasized that the government should respond to the needs of disadvantaged categories (girls, students from lower socioeconomic and rural backgrounds). He demanded a single School System of high quality in addition to a single national curriculum.

In the end, Prof. Dr. Tasawar Hayat, Secretary General PAS, thanked the invited speaker for his impressive presentation. The idea behind this special lecture is to popularize Social Sciences in Pakistan through lecture series from the platform of PAS.