Islamabad people to be fined Rs20,000 for reusing plastic bags


ISLAMABAD – Using plastic bags in Islamabad can land you a fine of Rs5,000 from March onwards.  The Ministry of Climate Change had decided to take strict action on the use of plastic bags in the city.

People caught using plastic bags will be fined Rs5,000, while shopkeepers and manufacturers Rs10,000. A fine of Rs20,000 will be imposed on those who continue to reuse plastic bags. The bags will be seized too.

The ministry has started an awareness campaign about the usage of plastic bags.

Ajmal Baloch, the president of All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran, said that the problem is that Islamabad has banned plastic bags but Rawalpindi’s hasn’t. Sometimes plastic bags come to us from Rawalpindi

Plastic bags have been banned in the federal capital since August 14, 2019 as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan campaign. It is illegal to manufacture, sell and distribute plastic bags in the city.

Ordinary plastic doesn’t get degraded and stays for years and years, creating pollution and health hazards for living things.