Experts call for peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute


ISLAMABAD (DNA) -Decades have been passed since the matter of humanity in Kashmir was brought to international arena and still their anguish reaches new heights every day. February 5th is not a day it is an emotion, a tale of agony which innocent Kashmiris face every day in their own land. Humanity is being held hostage by the Indian subjugation. While Indians are engaged in non-humanistic solution of Kashmir issue, Pakistan stands firm with their brothers and sisters in pain. In this regard Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) is paying homage to our martyrs in their struggle for freedom by organizing one day International Youth Conference  on February 3rd, 2021 titled “Kashmir: A Question of Humanity”

The participants included Mrs. Danielle Khan – Special Assistant to Dean Eliot A. Cohen at Johns Hopkins, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, USA ,Mr. Arqam Al Hadeed- Leeds Youth MP 2018-2020, Leeds, UK, Mr. ShafaMovsumlu – Scientist and Historian, Baku, Azerbaijan, Ms. Afifa Khan Sodozai – Kashmir Youth Ambassador, Mr. Khawaja Hammad Akbar –  Political Analyst,Mr Salman Afridi a Kashmir youth activist and advisor to Kashmir committee Pakistan and a youth activist from Azerbaijan MrRamilShukurov. Session was moderated byMr. Syed Nasir Hassan – Program Coordinator, IICR

The speakers emphasized that Kashmir is a flash point and there needs to be a peaceful solution for Kashmir issue which under thesick hindutva mindset of Modi is getting difficult.  Kashmir is a question of not only basic human rights being bulldozed by the regime but world is witnessing a categorical constitutional abuse that is being carried out to rob the people of IIOJK of their identity and who they truly are. Panelists agreed that this design that is being carried out haven’t left any space even for the moderate or liberal leadership of Kashmir.It is a case of minority rights as well , in India minorities are being manhandled , be it CAA, Sikhs protesting in Delhi or the genocide that is underway in Kashmir.

While expressing their political views speakers added that Kashmir is all about positioning narratives after 9/11 terrorism became the spirit of the age and India used this to its advantage to paint a just struggle in bad colors. World must acknowledge that it is a just indigenous movement of the people of the land to their basic right i-e self-determination. The zeal, the resilience and the soul of resistance that prevails in the valley and Jammu is apparent and vivid. Every sane soul in and outside India feels the pain that is inflicted upon the people of the state. UN must act, justice must be served,and Kashmir siege must end because Kashmiri lives matter. It’s time to act and the time to act is now.