Lifelong learning


By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

Learning must continue every day. Students should learn some skills after they graduate, employees must learn a new job after they are promoted. Learning is an unceasing, interminable, incessant process that happens at our conscious and subconscious level. It is this learning and the quest to gain knowledge that lets us conduct research. Students need to become lifelong learners. They should read books other than their textbooks to absorb information to help them win the race of life. Acquiring grades is important to complete their degree program, but gaining knowledge is significant to make them well-informed. In today’s age of digital media, information is present at our fingertips. We need to know the direction where we are going and the information follows. Professionals including teachers, businessmen, bankers, architects, pilots, doctors, and those from the industries of automobile, manufacturing, construction, technology, services sector among others need to be at par with the information about their respective industries. The concept to abandon learning once a life goal is achieved makes a human mind rusty. A student completing his intermediate education must think about completing Masters’s, Ph.D., before proceeding to add value to his industry by conducting more research. Pakistan is blessed with talented human resources. The challenge is to motivate the youth and the adults to continue with their pursuit of learning. This learning comes in many forms including reading, researching, teaching, conversing, writing, exploring, observing, among others. We must inculcate in ourselves the seed to discover the world around us so we may realize the world within. Learning is the ladder that makes our consciousness reach new heights. While this ladder does not have an end, each step brings us closer to a new realization, to a unique thought, to an original theory of life.