CDA to install lids of drain holes


ISLAMABAD, JAN 31 (DNA) – Administration of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has directed the concerned authorities to promptly install the lids of drain holes, main holes, gutters, and sewerage across the city. Opened holes are dangerous for the lives of the citizens. People have also been asked to take great care.

According to detail, lids of main holes and gutters in the city could not be installed for decades. These opened holes have caused a number of accidents. However, the current administration of CDA has directed to cover all the opened holes as soon as possible.

The departments of environment, city sewerage, road and markets have been directed to cover opened holes of all the departments including IESCO, SNGPL, PTCL, NTC and others without showing any difference. The said departments will also be asked to themselves take action to cover their opened holes in the city.

CDA’s department of services and engineering has started work on preparation of lids on a mega scale after getting directions from the administration.

The work on covering all the main holes, drainage holes, and gutter holes will be started next week. The administration of CDA has also directed the citizens to protect the main holes of their streets.=DNA