Chinese medical staff cures a Pakistani, giving him a new life: Report


BEIJING, Jan. 30 (DNA): Chinese medical staff working in the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University (XMU). cured a Pakistani, giving him a new life, says a report published by China Economic Net (CEN).

“Chinese doctors are so great. It is your superb medical skill that gave me a new life,” said Mr. Anjum Iqbal, a Pakistani patient to be discharged from the hospital. The 48-year-old Iqbal was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in August 2017. His illness had been under control. However, he was re-attacked by the disease in August 2019.

The report says, in March 2020, Mrs. Iqbal read an article in a top international medical journal, showing the latest clinic achievement of the Chimeric Antigen receptor T-cell immunotherapy (CAR-T) for treating the disease, which was made by the Affiliated Hospital of XMU.

“My husband can be saved!” Mrs. Iqbal was so excited about this news. The couple decided to come to this Hospital and receive the treatment of CAR-T.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. and Mrs. Iqbal finally came to China at the beginning of November 2020.

After two-week quarantine, Mr. Iqbal was admitted to the Affiliated Hospital of XMU on November 16. Taking Mr. Iqbal’s state of illness and his living habit into account, the hospital specially set up a treatment group.

On December 1, apheresis was done at the outpatient clinic of hematology department at the Affiliated Hospital of XMU.
Anti-CD19 and anti-BCMA CAR-T cells were prepared at the tumor biotherapy center and transfused on Dec. 16.
However, Hu Tingyu, the nursing supervisor, found Mr. Iqbal’s mood was unstable.

“Seeking medical treatment in a foreign country, the physical unwellness and the serious illness are all the reasons,” analyzed Hu.

To deal with it, Hu and the nursing teammates offered in time psychological advice and care to Mr. Iqbal.

They even helped the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary, which was a surprise for them.

All of these efforts eased the two’s mental stress. Soon, Mr. Iqbal’s treatment showed a positive effect.

The check taken on Jan. 8 showed that his disease had been under control. “I begin to feel that my body is much better, and I have more confidence,” said Mr. Iqbal excitedly.

While talking about the treatment, Mrs. Iqbal has been moved to tears several times. At the very beginning, she said it was laborious for her to look after her husband as he was seriously ill. It’s all up to the doctors and nurses’ help.

She remarked, “Thank you, the Affiliated Hospital of XMU. Thank you, everybody. It is just because of you—everyone— that gave new hope to our family.”

It is learnt that the Affiliated Hospital of XMU is a pioneer in the CAR-T treatment in China. The number of its treatment cases and level are leading in the world.

So far, the Affiliated Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Biology of Xuzhou Medical University have enrolled nearly 100 cases, with an effective rate of over 95 percent.

Among them, the bispecific CAR-T, the most cutting-edge representative of the CAR-T treatment, have been carried out in 14 cases, the report added.