Sana Fakhar responds to criticism over intimate photo with husband


Actor Sana Fakhar laughed off the flak she has been receiving over an intimate photo with her husband Fakhar Imam. Last week, Sana posted three photos with her husband on Instagram to wish him on his birthday. “Thank you for reminding me how butterflies feel. Many happy returns of the day,” she wrote.

But her candid photos did not sit well with the moral police, and her post was soon flooded with demeaning comments and slut-shaming.

Later, Sana responded to the viral photo in an Instagram video. “I can understand your pain and grief,” the actor said. “What did you not like? The act, or the person I was engaged in that act with?”

She said criticism is everyone’s right, but the choice of words is really important because it defines your personality.

“I have received more love than hate,” said Sana. “Haters don’t exist in my life.”

She remarked that she has given her haters “access” to vent their frustration at her. “People who criticise others are in pain already. We should use nice words for them.”