Anf Seized 2037.522 Kg Drugs & 120 Liters Prohibited Chemical


Islamabad : Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan seized 2037.522 Kgs narcotics and 120 Liters Prohibited Chemical valuing US $ 757.78 Million internationally, arrested 8 culprits and impounded 5 vehicles while conducting 14 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country. The seized drugs comprised of 1063 Kg Opium, 715 Kg Morphine, 58.022 Kg  Heroin, 200.1 Kg Hashish, 1.4 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice) and 120 Liters Acetic Anhydride.

ANF Balochistan, the staff of Police Station ANF Quetta recovered 715 Kg Morphine near Railway Station, Killi Khan Muhammad Yaro, District Pishin. In another operation, the staff of Police Station Regional Directorate ANF Balochistan recovered 1063 kg Opium from Killi Agberg, Tehsil & District Quetta. As per initial information, the recovered drugs were stored for handing over to some other narco gang. In third operation, the staff of Police Station, ANF Quetta recovered 120 Liters Acetic Anhydride from a Toyota Corolla Car at Chaman, Kuchlak Road, near Agriculture College, District Quetta. Resultantly two accused persons namely Asmat Ullah and Abdul Nasir both resident of Quetta were arrested during the operation. In fourth operation, The staff of Police Station Quetta recovered 30 Kg Hashish from a Suzuki Mehran Car parked near Said Meer Cross, Gulistan Road, District Qilla Abdullah.  In fifth operation, the staff of Police Station ANF Turbat recovered 30 Kg Heroin from a dry nullah located at general area of Dasht, District Kech. In sixth operation, the staff of police station ANF Quetta intercepted a Yamaha Motorcycle near Meer Hotel, Joint Road, Quetta and recovered 6 Kg hashish from personal possession of arrested accused namely Nazar Muhammad resident of Quetta.

ANF Punjab, the staff of Police Station Lahore intercepted a suspected parcel from main International Courier Service Center Lahore and recovered 1.400 Kg Meth .The Parcel was booked for Bahrain . The parcel was consisted of 1x Bag and 1x Wooden Kitchen accessories set. Drug was tactfully concealed in bottom of 1x bag. In another operation the staff of police station ANF Sialkot raided near Govt High School, Majira Kalan Tehsil Sambrial, District Sialkot and recovered 5.000 Kg Hashish from the personal possession of accused person namely Sakhawat Ali Malik resident of Sialkot. In third operation, the staff of police station ANF Lahore intercepted a UK bound Parcel from a cargo shed located at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and recovered 2.212 Kg Heroin which was tactfully concealed in 7x small packing boxes of decoration pieces. Sender of the parcel Muhammad Sammar was arrested in the operation.

ANF Sindh, the staff of Police Station ANF Korangi, Karachi in collaboration with Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) Karachi conducted an intelligence based raid at Creek Area Korangi Karachi and recovered 25 Kg Heroin and 1.000 Kg Hashish kept in bushes. In another operation the staff of police station ANF Regional Directorate Sindh, Karachi conducted a raid near Madina Masjid, Korangi Road, Karachi and recovered 18 Kg Hashish from personal possession of two accused persons namely Khalil Ur Rehman and Ikram Ullah both resident of Qilla Abdullah. In third operation the staff of police station ANF Hyderabad conducted an  operation near Water Pump Station, Hali Road ,Hyderabad, intercepted a Toyota Corolla GLI car and recovered 40 Kg Hashish from said vehicle. An accused namely Ghulam Qadir Chandio has escaped from the spot.

ANF KP, on a tip-off Police station ANF Peshawar in collaboration with FC(N) seized 77x Packets of Hashish total weighing 100.100 Kg which was concealed in 4x Plastic  Sack on Road side near FC Post POC Auragha Afghan Sarhad Border District Khyber

ANF Rawalpindi, staff of police station Regional directorate ANF North arrested an accused namely Abdul Aziz resident of ghotki at Islamabad International Airport and recovered 810 Gram Heroin which was concealed in plastic stool. He was boarding for Riadh (KSA) on Flight No SV-723.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are underway.


Name of DrugsDrug Weight (in Kgs)Worth per Kg (in Us $)Total Worth                (in Us $)
Methamphetamine (Ice)1.4199000278600
AA120 Lts4000480000
Total2037.522 & 120 Lts AA———757786360

Ops:                         14

Arrested Accused:   08

Vehicles:                  05

Total Drugs:             2037.522 Kgs  & 120 Lts AA

Total Worth:              757786360 (757.78 Million US $)