Montenegro praises relations with Turkey


BELGRADE, Serbia – The head of Montenegro’s parliament praised relations with Turkey on Thursday after a telephone call with his Turkish counterpart.

Aleksa Becic said he had the pleasure to speak with Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa Sentop.

”We jointly noted that Montenegro and Turkey have excellent bilateral relations followed by strong parliamentary cooperation,” said Becic, who said he thanked Turkey.

“I thanked [him] for the significant help that Turkey has sent to Montenegro for tackling the coronavirus, emphasizing the fact that Turkey ranks third in the world regarding the quantity of help delivered abroad,” he said.

Becic also said he invited Sentop to visit.

“I expressed hope that President of the Parliament, Mustafa Sentop, who served two terms as the Chair of Montenegro-Turkey parliamentary friendship group, will visit Montenegro and thus confirm once again the friendly relations of our two nations,” Becic said.