Accident Prevention: Airbag Jeans Ready For Motorcyclists


A Swedish designer has developed jeans for motorcyclists that are fitted with airbags and will help protect motorcyclists by immediately blowing in the event of an accident.According to the website UPI, founder Shahriar has developed these jeans, he has already made a jacket for motorcyclists with an airbag which is being used all over the world. Thanks to this, in case of an accident, the rider’s neck, both arms, back, chest and spine are protected.

Referring to his invention, the founder says: “Although the jacket is very useful, the need was felt that the legs of bikers would be badly affected in any accident, and with that in mind, they used airbags.” Started on jeans.

 “Jeans with airbags will be introduced to the general market by 2022,” he said.

The founder has also shared a report on this gene on his YouTube channel.
According to the founder, “a motorcyclist’s rope is tied to the motorcycle and in case of an accident, when the rope is pulled, airbags are immediately inflated over the rider’s legs and he is protected from injury.”

Although airbag jeans are currently only available in Sweden, the founders are hopeful that they will soon be available in other countries as well. In this regard, they are working to bring it in line with EU health and safety standards.