CDA to reopen officers training academy


ISLAMABAD, JAN 15 (DNA) – Administration of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to reopen officers training academy. In the first phase there will be mandatory courses for senior assistants to promote them on 77 vacant seats of admin officers. Training courses of the officers were being delayed due to the closure of the academy.

However, the current administration of CDA has taken the decision to restore the training academy. Classes will begin at training academy from January 20.  Officers will be offered the mandatory courses of 8 weeks.

Those officers who would complete courses from academy will be promoted on the said seats. There are 77 seats of admin officers are vacant currently which will be filled by the officers who would complete the course in academy.

In the second phase, senior officers will have to do a mandatory course of 5 weeks. There would be 40 officers in each class of the course offered by the academy. The officers of CDA lauded the decision of CDA administration regarding the restoration of academy.=DNA