Pakistan challenges Indian ‘hegemony’ in South Asia: Senator (R) Javed Jabbar



ISLAMABAD, JAN 6 – Former Senator Javed Jabbar has said that Pakistan is the only country in the South Asian region which challenges and deter the Indian hegemony.

He was speaking in a webinar organized by Muslim Youth University (MYU), International Relations department titled “Revitalization of Two Nation Theory from perspective of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.”

Jabbar said that many people believe that the two-nation theory ended with the creation of Bangladesh, something he could not agree with. Bangladeshis rejected the state of Pakistan, not the concept of a Muslim nation. They are still proud and committed Muslims, he said.

He further added that the Two-Nation theory becomes the two Nation three-state. We still have two nations in the subcontinent if religion is considered to be one of the criteria for defining a nation.

“Pakistan should aim to become the Israel of South Asia, in the best, not the worst sense,” the former senator said.

He said the Pakistani nation is ethnically diverse and that was its strength. History and civilization bound together with the people of Pakistan regardless of their caste, colour, ethnicity and religion.

Earlier, in his welcome remarks, vice-chancellor Muslim Youth University Dr Syed Tahir Hijazi welcomed the distinguished speaker, laying out the agenda for the discussion.

While presenting the Vote of thanks and concluding remarks Dr Muhammad Munir, Head of Department International Relations thanks the guest speaker for sharing their opinion.

It was attended by more than 100 participants from civil society, media professionals, academia, international organisations and students.