Genocide: a tale of Indian Muslims


Attiay Munawar

Indian Muslims have been victims of Hindu prejudice since the founding of Pakistan and now their genocide continues. International experts and genocide research organizations have also expressed concern over the genocide of 200 million Muslims under the patronage of the Indian government.

However, Human rights expert Tina Ramirez says persecution of Muslims is worsening their economic situation, with Indian Muslims suffering from constant fear and insecurity. The Indian state’s anti-Muslim sentiments and the worst treatment of Muslims have also been voiced by insiders, Leading Indian writer and political activist Arundhati Roy had also said in her interview that the situation in India is now heading towards genocide, because this has been the agenda of the government.There is a storm of hatred against Muslims in India. The massacre in Delhi was carried out because people were protesting against the anti-Muslim law on citizenship. Crimes against humanity continue unabated in India, the socio-economic life of the Muslims there has been ruined; the situation of the Indian Muslims is a tragedy which is very real, but not new.

It is clear that after independence, the Indian leadership, in order to win the trust of minorities, said in the interests of the moment that India would be a secular state in which people of all faiths would have equal rights, but minorities would always be oppressed by extremists. They faced oppression and discrimination and were forced to accept Hindu supremacy, just as the Muslims of Andalusia have been persecuted and forced to accept one of the three options, convert to Christianity, emigrate or prepare for massacre.Even in present-day India, minorities especially Muslims, are forced to live a life of deprivation- deprived of their rights.

RSS, the main party of Indian Prime Minister Modi, has been saying for years that India should be a Hindu state. The Modi government is pursuing the same old plan of integrating Dalits into Hinduism and making Muslims untouchables in their place, while Muslims have ruled India for a thousand years, but they never interfered in the religious affairs of Hindus, nor could have forcibly converted them to Muslims even if they wanted to, because the teachings of Islam are not like that. In contrast, the situation is different in India, a so-called secular country, where Muslims are being burned and exiled.

This situation has proved that India has always been a Hindu state and Iqbal’s bi-national ideology and Quaid-e-Azam- Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s creation of Pakistan was correct, but it is also a clear fact that the Muslims of India played an important role in the liberation of this country. The Muslims of the subcontinent had united under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and achieved an independent state through struggle.

The atrocities being perpetrated against Muslims and other minorities in other Indian states, including Kashmir, are not being hidden from the world. It is encouraging that voices are sometimes raised against it in a forum, but the consistency with which this work should be done is not visible. There has been a global outcry, but delays in action have boosted the morale of Indian extremists.But delays in action have boosted the morale of Indian extremists. Before minorities in India are treated like Rohingya Muslims, the international community will have to take steps to stop this tyranny. If this extremism is not stopped, it will manifest itself in other countries in the future as well. India calls itself the largest democracy in the world, but in practice it is the opposite. The genocide of Muslims in India are provoking Muslims all over the world. If Indian racist genocidal acts are not stopped immediately, the region could be plunged into a new armed conflict.

Twitter: @Attiya Munawer