China-SA on-line Expo held, enabling 181 Pakistani exhibitors start business



Kunming (China), DEC 13 – China-South Asia On-line Expo held this year, that enabled 181 Pakistani exhibitors to start their online business, Gwadar Pro reported on Sunday.

According to the report, on December 12th, the Everlasting China-South Asia Online Expo 2020 kicked off. This year, free online booths were provided to all exhibitors.

Online expo has more potential. In the offline exhibition he can not display all of his products, while the online expo gives him opportunities to show more,” said Farooq Ahmed, a Pakistani exhibitor of a clothes company.

Pakistan’s Commercial Consuler in Beijing was making efforts to inviting more Pakistani exhibitors to participate.” Farooq said in an interview with Gwadar Pro.

The official website of the online expo shows that 181 Pakistani online exhibitors participate in the online expo. Among them, there are a lot of Pakistani food companies, which were uncommon in the Kunming expo before.

Farooq hoped  that the organizers will help the exhibitors to open the online business in China after the expo.

“Cooperating with, we have developed a digital platform for this online expo with the functions of exhibiting, negotiating and trading,” said Zhao Ruijun, head of the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province.

“After the expo, the platform will keep providing online services for the exhibitors, ” he added.

Meanwhile, according to another Gwadar Pro’s report one ton of Chili seeds sent to Lahore,Pak-China Chili cooperation formally kicked off this winter.

“Chilies are very important in Sichuan cuisine and hotpot. ”said Mahmood Akhtar, deputy consul general of Pakistan in Chengdu.

“Pakistan’s temperature and soil conditions are very suitable for good quality food. Chili cooperation is specifically suitable for Sichuan and Pakistan.

According to Mahmood Akhtar, people were planning to introduce and grow chilies this year in Pakistan and then export to China. ”

The results of our experiment in growing chilies in Lahore and Karachi last year were very successful, and the product quality was not much different from that in China,” said Chen Li,chairman of Sichuan Litong Food.

“This month we just shipped a ton of chili seeds to Lahore, and more than 3,000 mu of land will be cultivated for chili.”

“This project is our cooperation with CMEC and a Pakistani agricultural company Fetima. We provide seeds and send technicians to Pakistan to train Fetima staff with planting technology.

After the chilies are ripe, they are naturally dried and then shipped back to China for further processing. Chen Li told Gwadar Pro that in addition to bring economic benefits, this project will also boost local employment. “In August next year, we will start planting in Karach, she said.