CDA completes repairing, decoration work of parks



ISLAMABAD, DEC 12 – Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed work of repairing, restoration, and decoration of more than 50 parks.

Portable washrooms have been installed in the parks. Tenders have been issued for uplifting of Srinagar Highway and Landscape of Golra Interchange. The fountains across the city will be restored soon.

According to detail, CDA’s work for repairing, restoration, and beautification of all the small and big parks of the city is underway. In the first phase the work in all the big 50 parks including F-9 Park, I-8, I-9, I-10, G-9, G-10, G-11and others has been completed. Tenders have been issued for work in all the other parks.

Few tenders have been opened and work in few parks has been started. The work include repairing of swings, walking tracks, and green belts; plantation, cutting of dried wood and shrebs, anti dengue an anti coronavirus spray, and others. CDA’s department of environment will complete the work on restoration of fountains soon.=DNA