Ertuğrul’s Engin Altan says he is ready to work in Pakistan provided there’s good story


Fans were over the moon as the superstar said “Lahore Lahore hai” during his press conference today

Welcoming superstar Engin Altan as one of their own, Ertugrul fans in Pakistan were over the moon when the man himself made his way to Lahore.

In a press conference held today, Altan addressed the audience that showered him with love and adoration, courtesy of his popularity playing the lead in the historical drama series Diliris Ertugrul.

He called it a pleasure that “Pakistan’s prime minister loves the TV series and loves me”, thanking Imran Khan for his role in suggesting the show to Pakistanis and encouraging them to watch it.

“It’s a huge television series and it’s an honour for us that Pakistanis love it,” he added, thanking fans for their love over the last few months as he tried his best to do justice to the role of the historical figure. “My peers worked very hard and we can see the fruit of it in all your love.”

Delivering some good news, he said he was open to working in Pakistan. “Why not!” he exclaimed. “If you have a good story for me, why not.”

He added that this was his first visit and he couldn’t get an opportunity to explore the rest of the country. “But I’m aware how breathtaking the scenery is and InshaAllah whenever opportunity knocks, I would love to visit [again] one day.”

“I love the Lahori food as well! It’s a bit spicy but very tasty,” he said, exclaiming “Lahore, Lahore hai!” much to the delight of his fans who chanted the popular slogan back.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a Pakistani production starring Engin Altan.