Orban urges Romanians to go to the polls: “Dear Romanians, we must not repeat the mistake of 2016”


Bucharest, DEC 6 – Prime Minister Ludovic Orban sent a message to Romanians to go to the polls, in order not to repeat the mistake from the 2016 parliamentary elections, when over 60% of the citizens with the right to vote did not participate in the election.

“Dear Romanians, four years ago, the low turnout generated a Parliament with a considerable deficit of legitimacy. A Parliament that has undermined the rule of law and democratic institutions. A Parliament that has damaged Romania’s image at the international level. A Parliament that produced governments against which it took to the streets. A Parliament that took the country from crisis to crisis and left it vulnerable to the pandemic.

Dear Romanians, we must not repeat the mistake of 2016, when over 60% of the citizens with the right to vote did not participate in the elections. The next Parliament must be representative for the widest possible sections of society. And this will not be possible without a greater turnout on your part. Dear Romanians, there are more than three hours until the polls close, enough time to express your fundamental right to vote. Four years without elections will follow. Four years in which it is more important than ever to have a responsible Parliament and a Government competent to lead Romania. We have to seize unprecedented opportunities in our recent history. Do not miss the chance to decide Romania’s future. 

Your vote today will make the difference between an internationally respected Romania and an isolated one. Between a Romania that respects its citizens and one that drives them abroad. Between a developed Romania, modern and confident in its forces and a corrupt one, poor and lacking in perspective “ , was the message of the prime minister on Sunday on Facebook.

Over 4.5 million Romanians voted on Sunday, until 17:00, which means a turnout of 25.25%. The most numerous are the voters in the age category 45 – 64, followed by those over 65 years old. The weakest presence is registered in the category 18 – 24 years.