Pakistan on top of the list for Chinese businessmen: President FPCCI


KARACHI, DEC 4 (DNA) – The great project of CPEC will not only change the destiny of Pakistan but will also make China and Pakistan economic tigers in the world. The special interest, diligence, and love of the Chinese government, investors, and businessmen for strengthening Pakistan, economically will never be forgotten by the businessmen and people of Pakistan. FPCCI will continue to play its role in the special interest of Chinese investors in Pakistan, strengthening relations and friendship with Pakistani businessmen and increasing trade volume between the two countries.

FPCCI President Mian Anjum Nisar expressed his views while talking to a delegation of a Chinese company who came to meet him at the FPCCI Capital Office Islamabad. FPCCI Capital Office Coordinator Mirza Abdul Rehman, former Vice President Qurban Ali and General Body Member Zain Ali and others were also present on the occasion.

During the meeting, Zukai, chief executive of Chinese company Kai Jing and Mawin Jun, said while thanking FPCCI President Mian Anjum Nisar and others, that to protect the people of both the countries from the Corona pandemic, our company in collaboration with Pakistani companies has created a modern kit for quick and accurate diagnosis of Corona which gives 95% result in 55 minutes. With it, we will also test within Chinese and Pakistani partner companies operating in Pakistan.

Pakistan is the top priority of Chinese traders. Pakistani businessmen and institutions also provide full support to Chinese businessmen. We never feel like we are in another country but we feel Pakistan our home.

Mian Anjum Nisar, President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry while speaking to the Chinese delegation on the occasion said that we are happy that the same love is felt by the Chinese people and businessmen for Pakistan as the love, people and businessmen of Pakistan have for China. He also appreciated the initiative of COVID-19’s advanced testing kit. He said that the businessmen of both countries are playing a vital role in strengthening trade and diplomatic relations.

Mian Anjum Nisar, President FPCCI further said, The CPEC project is a great blessing that will not only change the destiny of Pakistan but will also benefit other neighboring countries including China.=DNA