Norway registers hottest November since 1900


OSLO, DEC 1 – Temperatures in November were above average last month, according to the Meteorological Institute. A warmer November hasn’t been registered since 1900.

Admittedly, this year’s November shares the record with the year’s penultimate month of 2011.

November of 2020 nevertheless led to several places experiencing the warmest month of November in over 150 years.

New records

At Torungen lighthouse near Arendal, at Lista in Agder, and at Utsira in Rogaland, it has never been warmer in November since the measurements started in 1867, according to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Furthermore, 1,894 meters above sea level, on Juvasshø in Innlandet county, the measurements show an average of minus 3.9 degrees.

That is 4.5 degrees warmer than normal at the highest measuring station of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Above-average temperatures

According to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the average temperature in November on the Finnmarksvidda was six to seven degrees above normal at the location.

The warmest place in November was Tafjord on Sunnmøre, which was the warmest place in the country last month, with its 18.1 plus degrees (November 16).

Not only has this year’s November been mild it has also been wetter than normal.