PSCC gives priority introducing Pakistani Brands in China: Li Hongwu


BEIJING, Nov. 26 : Setting up Pakistani Brands and introducing Pakistani industries to China is their priority, said Li Hongwu President Pakistan Sichuan Chamber of Commerce (PSCC), according to a report published by Gwadar Pro.

Chengdu and Lahore are sister cities. We have applied for the opening of direct flights between Chengdu and Lahore. Now direct cargo flights have been opened.

We are also preparing to set up a Pakistan Pavilion in Chengdu.” Regarding the post-epidemic cooperation opportunities between Pakistan and Sichuan, Li Hongwu said.

The industrialization and the development of smart cities in Pakistan can also bring a lot of potentials. Pakistan Sichuan Chamber of Commerce (PSCC) was established in September this year.

According to Li Hongwu, the Chamber of Commerce provides services for enterprises like a babysitter. “We negotiate with Pakistan local government and landowners. We choose the site to build the industrial park. Because we purchase in bulk and construct the factories in bulk, the price is more affordable. We also cooperate with Chinese state-owned enterprises in Pakistan.

All these efforts help avoid legal risks. We also integrated a lot of professional companies, including logistics companies, security companies, and law firms who are familiar with Pakistan finance and taxation.”

“Every Chinese enterprise will encounter a lot of trouble while starting their business in Pakistan, like taxation and customs clearance.

If we are not familiar with Pakistan’s local laws and regulations, we will take a lot of detours and pay a lot of unnecessary costs,” said Ye Ming, the executive president of Pakistan Sichuan Chamber of Commerce as well as the general manager of a member company.

“For example, our tax cost was relatively high in the past. But with the information provided by the Chamber of Commerce and communication between the member companies, we can reduce our tax burden reasonably.”

“The strength of one company is too weak. Through gathering the demands of entrepreneurs and integrating resources, the chamber of commerce can negotiate with the government or the chamber of commerce in Pakistan, which can deepen the cooperation among the companies of the two countries, ” he said.

“Pakistani people are very smart and industrious. After training, their skills are improved rapidly.” Ye Ming plans to hire local people to be the company’s full-time technical maintenance personnel, which can both solve the problem of employment in Pakistan and save the company’s costs.”

Making better use of Pakistan labor is not only an aim of one Chinese company within the chamber of commerce. “Pakistan has a large population.

With professional training, we want to bring a lot of advanced industries in Pakistan and do entrepot trade,” said Li Chengwu. “Cooperating with Pakistan companies, we also want to create some Pakistan brands and export to the surrounding countries.

This may save time and logistics costs. “With smart production and the application of 5G technology. We will have more advantages in entrepot trade in Pakistan.”

“The industrial park that we want to set up is not only a park for goods processing and logistics, we also want to make it a trade center where Pakistani goods can be gathered and brought to China.”

Li Hongwu told us that some companies in Pakistan sell well locally, but in terms of exporting to China, there are a series of problems due to their lack of understanding of Chinese customs and consumption habits.”

To help enterprises solve problems step by step, our chamber of commerce brings together experts in trade policies, business models, technology and vocational training.”

Li Hongwu also wants to use the same strategy that Chinese enterprises used to go global to help Pakistani enterprises come to China.

“Pakistan has its well-developed industries like the production of hand-made footballs. China is a large market, we can introduce Pakistani companies to China and build industrial parks and sales networks,” he added.