General Election: GB CEC notifies names of candidates returned to GB Assembly


Gilgit : Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Gilgit-Baltistan Raja Shahbaz Khan has notified the names of candidates returned to GB Assembly as a result of general election 2020.

Notification in this regard has been issued.

According to notification PTI got ten seats, PPP Three, PML-N two and JUI (F) one and independent candidates won seven seats.

The returned candidates include  GBA 1 Amjad Hussain, GBA 2 Fatehullah Khan,  GBA 3 Syed Sohail Abbas, GBA 4 Amjad Hussain, GBA 5 Javed Ali Manwa, GBA 6 Abdullah Baig, GBA 7 Raja Muhammad Zakria Khan GBA 8 Muhammad Kazim, GBA 9 Wazir  Muhammad Saleem GBA 10 Nasir Ali Khan, GBA 11 Syed Amjad Ali, GBA 12 Raja Muhammad Azam Khan, GBA 13 Khalid Khorsheed, GBA 14 Shams-ul-Haq Lone, GBA 15 Haji Shah Bag, GBA 16 Muhammad Anwar, GBA 17 Rehmat Khaliq, GBA 18 Gulbar Khan, GBA 19 Nawaz Khan Naji, GBA 20 Nazir Ahmed GBA 21 Ghulam Muhammad GBA 22, Mushtaq Hussain, GBA 23 Abdul Hameed GBA 24 Muhammad Ismail.