No restrictions on Nawaz Sharif, family members to attend Begum Shamim’s funeral: Shibli Faraz


ISLAMABAD : Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz has clarified that the State has placed no restrictions on Nawaz Sharif and his family members and they could attend the funeral of Begum Shamim Akhtar.

Taking to Twitter early Tuesday, Faraz said Nawaz, his sons Hassan and Hussain, and Ishaq Dar were free to return to Pakistan. He also warned them against politicising the matter. “Who are you trying to fool?”

Begum Shamim Akhtar, 89, who was suffering from severe chest pain and worsening dementia, had passed away Sunday afternoon at the Avenfield apartments, where she was staying with her son, Nawaz Sharif.

The body had been transferred to the London Central Mosque’s mortuary late Sunday night after the coroner and local police spent about three hours at the Sharif family’s apartment to complete paperwork to determine the cause of death and other legal requirements.

Her funeral will be held at London Central Mosque after the Westminster Magistrates’ Court coroner issues the death certificate. As per United Kingdom’s coronavirus guidelines, the number of participants at the funeral is limited to 30.

The Sharif family was also waiting for a repatriation clearance from the Westminster Magistrates’ Court coroner in order for the body of Nawaz Sharif’s mother to be taken to Pakistan for burial in Jati Umrah.

Nawaz will not be able to accompany his mother’s body to Pakistan, ex-finance minister Ishaq Dar stated on Sunday, adding that the PML-N supremo has been advised by doctors not to travel because of his ailing health.

Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz allowed to attend funeral

Upon the request of the Sharif family, the government of Punjab has granted permission to Shahbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz to attend the funeral of Begum Shamim Akhtar. Both the family members, who have been jailed over money-laundering charges, will be released on parole.

Expressing his condolences, Punjab Minister for Prisons and Colonies Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chohan said that attending the funeral is Hamza and Shahbaz Sharif’s legal and moral right, hence, the government has decided to grant the permission.

The minister also allowed senior PML-N leader Attaullah Tarar and some members of the Sharif family to visit Shahbaz and Hamza in jail for condolence.