Khadim Hussain Rizvi recited Ishq-e-Nabi(SAW)


Written by

Attiya Munawer

The Lord of the Universe has exalted the remembrance of His Beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) so much that as long as the muezzin continues to raise the voices of the exaltation of Allah in the azan, he will continue to raise the Mustafai of Muhammad (SAWW).Therefore, by selling the words of the infidel atheist and the enemy against Islam and the Khair-ul-An’am (SAW) or by insulting the honor of the Messenger of Allah, neither the virtue and greatness of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has diminished nor can it be till the Day of Judgment. Allah Almighty has revealed the Holy Quran and has taken the responsibility of protecting it till the Day of Resurrection. In the same way, the sanctity and survival of Islam and the chastity of the Prophet of Islam is also under His protection. For this reason, in order to protect and guard His tawheed (monotheism) and risalat (prophethood) in every age, Allah has been creating the guardians of tawhid (monotheism) in the MuslimUmmahthat dedicated to himself and the love of the Prophet (SAW) and will continue to do so till the Day of Resurrection.The famous religious scholar, AllamaMaulanaKhadimHussainRizvi, the founder of the religious and political party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), was also a true lover and a guardian of the sanctity of the Holy Prophet (SAW). He devoted his entire life to the service of religion. He conveyed the message of the Holy Quran in every city, street, town, and village and praised theTajdar e Ambiya (SAW), In addition, he continued to call the people to the religion and prepare them to stand on the end of the prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and make sacrifices for this great cause. While protecting the Prophet’s sanctity, he himself has gone to his true Creator.

The sudden demise of AllamaKhadimHussainRizvi has made the lovers ofthe Prophet restless. A few days ago, he was thundering in the Faizabad sit-in and he was in the field for the Prophet’s sanctity, but with the setting of this bright star of courage, bravery and fearlessness, grief has fallen on the followers of the Prophet (peace be upon him).The courage and bravery with which AllamaKhadimHussainRizvi kept challenging the falsehood, it is now difficult to find such a precedent in this age of famine. He gained immense popularity in a very short time mainly because he was a true lover of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Moreover, he was a memorizer of the Qur’an as well as Shaykh al-Hadith, AllamaIqbal’s Urdu and Persian words were also memorized by him. Iqbal’s poems were often quoted in his speeches in such a beautiful way that while the common man understood the poems, the audience also resounded with the slogans of “LabbaikYaRasool Allah (SAW)”. He spent his entire life preaching Islam and the sanctity of the Prophet, even though he was in a wheelchair during the previous government. A long sit-in was called in Faizabad on the news of controversial changes in the blasphemy laws. Similarly, in the last few days, after the publication of blasphemous sketches in France, they again staged a sit-in in Faizabad demanding the deportation of the French ambassador. But, the sit-in was ended by an agreement with the government. AllamaKhadimHussainRizvi’s love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) can also be gauged from the fact that even during the sit-in, he complained of high fever and difficulty in breathing, but persevered for the sake of honoring the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It was not wrong to call himself a watchman of Islam. He has proved himself to be a watchman by guarding the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). AllamaKhadimHussain came to teach the lesson of IshqNabi (SAW) and has done his job.

It is very unfortunate that AllamaKhadimHussainRizvi, who guarded the sanctity of the Holy Prophet, has passed away, but the candle of Khatm e Nabuwat (the end of prophethood) and sanctity of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has been lit from the platform of Tehreek-e-Labeek which will continue to provide light to future generations. AllamaKhadimHussainRizvi has continued the journey of Islam all his life and for the purpose for which he has sacrificed his life, Insha Allah the Muslims of Pakistan will carry it forward. The protection of the law ofKhatm e Nabuwat(the end of prophethood) is the first duty of all of us. In a country built in the name of La ilahaillallahMuhammadurRasulullah, no one will be allowed to tamper with the law of the end of prophethood, nor will one hesitate to sacrifice one’s life for the sanctity of the Prophet. The demise of AllamaKhadimHussainRizvi is an irreparable loss for the propagation of Islam. It is the responsibility of the leadership of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) to carry out this great cause in the absence of AllamaKhadimHussainRizvi in accordance with the true spirit. To teach the lesson of love of the Prophet, we also have to teach our children the lesson of Khtam e Nabuwat in order to keep alive the spirit of sacrificing everything for the sanctity of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). By keeping the spirit of Ishq-e-Rasul, not only our world and the hereafter will be enlightened, but also the soul of AllamaKhadimHussain will be overwhelmed and will be the source of his ascension.