Updated edition of Juma Khan Sufi’s book ‘Faraib-e-Na-Tamam’ launched



Islamabad, NOV 14 – Authored by Juma Khan Sufi – a renowned author, scholar and expert on Pak-Afghan Affairs – the fourth edition of the book Faraib-e-Na-tamam was launched in a ceremony held at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad.

The book, which is published by the Institute’s publishing arm ‘IPS Press’, reveals how Kabul and Delhi have been hand-in-hand in instigating violence and secessionist movements in Pakistan, while maintaining that ‘Pashtunistan’ card was concocted by Kabul during Zahir Shah’s rule to have an excuse for interference inside Pakistan.

The book also exposes how Kabul and Delhi developed a nexus to garner support of Pashtun and Baloch nationalists living in Pakistan with the objective of breaking up Pakistan.

Delineating the role of foreign powers, the book mentions how nationalist figureheads from Sindh, Balochistan and the former NWFP received monetary and arms support from Kabul and Delhi in their efforts to destabilize Pakistan.

The event was chaired by Khalid Rahman, Executive President IPS, who said the book is a valuable contribution for researchers stuck at the crossroads in the war of narratives.

Later, Sufi presented his book to researcher Dr Lutfur Rehman, Ambassador (r) Ayaz Wazir and Brigadier (r) Said Nazir Mohmand who attended the event.