Formation of a new defense bloc is inevitable


A new alliance is emerging in the face of the rapidly changing situation in the region, with the Pak-China Alliance, Pak-Iran relations as well as Pak-Russia war games indicate that a new bloc of these four countries will emerge in the region, while India is trying to isolate Pakistan at the international level. It is trying to isolate Pakistan on diplomatic, economic and financial issues. The CPEC was attacked under the same agenda. The blood of innocent people was shed in Kashmir. Attempts are also being made to disrupt relations between Russia and Pakistan with the US-Afghan agreement. Pak-Russia relations have been strained in the distant past due to India’s joining the Russian camp. It was only natural for India to become cold-blooded in its relations with Russia when it joined the US camp in view of the changing winds. The US not only welcomed India but instead of giving the status of front line ally with Pakistan at the behest of India, it adopted a parrot-like attitude. Thus, seeing the changing attitude of the United States, Pakistan became closer to China and relations with Russia have also become warmer as tensions have eased. Russia and Pakistan need each other in view of the changing situation in the region. If Russia, China and Pakistan are getting closer today in terms of defense, then the United States has a deliberate role to play. The United States wants to make India the leader of the region, because its target is China, but Pakistan has always been India’s target. With regard to Russia, the United States does not have a soft spot, so the situation is forcing Pakistan, China and Russia to form a strong defense bloc. The formation of a Pak-China friendship defense bloc has become indispensable for thwarting India’s nefarious aims and for lasting peace in the region.

There is no doubt that Pakistan and China have met each other’s trust in every hour of trial. The Soviet Union was once an equal superpower to the United States. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, China began to take its place in an imperceptible way and today it has become an economic and defense power against the United States. The idea of the United States being the only superpower in the world is fading. China’s rapid economic and defense strides are a blessing in disguise for the United States. The United States is struggling to stop China from stepping forward, President Trump’s efforts to put India in front of China at the expense of Pakistan have failed, India stood in front of China intoxicated with the prospect of becoming a regional superpower but it has done its own misfortune. Despite this, the US continues to pat India. The US has signed agreements with India for the supply of advanced defense technology, equipment and weapons. The US wants to make India stronger than China. Although India is afraid to stand up to China, it is getting arms and resources from the US in the name of teaching China a lesson so that it can use them against Pakistan.

The United States, as a superpower, is well aware of Indian thinking, yet relies more on India than Pakistan. The United States has put behind Pakistan’s friendship and especially Pakistan’s role and sacrifices in the Afghan war. Agreements with India on modern defense technology, while sometimes arms embargoes on Pakistan, sometimes a reduction in the Coalition Support Fund and sometimes everything is stopped. There is no objection if India detonates a nuclear device but if Pakistan detonates in response for its own defense, sanctions are imposed. This duplicity of the United States is becoming dangerous for the region. In the Afghan war, Pakistan sided with the United States beyond its capabilities, but the United States occupied Afghanistan and infiltrated India, which is still conspiring against Pakistan on Afghan soil and playing a game of terrorism here. The United States has always looked the other way. At India’s behest, the United States has opposed Pakistan’s bid to become part of the CPEC, urging it to pull out. If the US had made plans for Pakistan like China and kept India in its limit and resolve the Kashmir issue, then Pakistan would have leaned towards the US, but the US used Pakistan for its own interests and backed its arch enemy India.

The arrival of President Joe Biden in the United States after President Trump will not make any difference. President Trump has done nothing for the Kashmir issue despite his promises and to hope from President Joe Biden is to deceive oneself. So, resolving the Kashmir issue has never been a priority for the United States, Britain and the United Nations and like them, the world has usedonly oral deposits. Trump seemed to stand openly with India, in such circumstances; it was natural for Pakistan to look to China. However, Pakistan does not want to spoil its relations with the United States, but it must also ensure the protection of its interests. Pakistan’s relations with Russia and Iran have improved, the bitterness of the past has been forgotten, and the military exercises between Pakistan and Russia are a reflection of the strong friendship and mutual trust, On the other hand, the visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister to Pakistan is a step towards improving relations.The United States is also barring Turkey from buying the S-400 air defense system from Russia in a bid to maintain its independence in the region, while Turkey considers the acquisition of the system essential for its defense. In this scenario, a defensive bloc is emerging in the region, including China, Pakistan, Russia, Iran and Turkey. The United States is pushing them towards this new defense bloc.

Written by

Attiya Munawer

A freelance columnist, essayist and blogger, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), Lahore.

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