Washington almost runs out of champagne as people celebrate Joe Biden’s win


Washington : Joe Biden´s win in the election to become the 46th President of the United States on Saturday was celebrated across the country by Democrat supporters, leading to a shortage of champagne in the capital Washington as some stores almost ran out of stock.

It seemed many were ready to toast an end to a tumultuous four years under President Donald Trump.

Calvert and Woodley, known for its selection of wines from around the world, sold up to 75 per cent more bottles than a usual Saturday, according to store employees.

Store salesman Mark, who did not provide his last name, said hundreds of bottles had been sold.

“People want to celebrate,” he said.

His colleague Janis said, “I bought 20 for myself.”

Dressed in a Biden-Harris t-shirt and with a Biden-Harris sign in her hand, Juanita was one of the many customers in search of the bubbly.

“I´m so happy. It´s an amazing day for democracy,” she said while choosing a bottle.

At Magruder´s, a wine shop in the residential district of Chevy Chase in business since 1845, the shelves were emptied quickly and employees had to fetch reserve cases of champagne.

“People buy two or three bottles. It´s very unusual,” said a cashier. “People are so happy today.”

And they were obviously not concerned with the price. Bottles of champagne typically sell for around $40 dollars (33 euros) to start.