Stop dragging Pakistan into India’s politics: Foreign Office slams Modi on Pulwama remarks


ISLAMABAD : Pakistan has rejected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments that insinuated Islamabad had a hand in the Pulwama attack.

“Pakistan categorically rejects the Indian Prime Minister’s insinuation of Pakistan’s involvement in the Pulwama attack by alluding to remarks made by a Minister in the National Assembly,” read a statement by the Foreign Office on Saturday.

Referring to Fawad Chaudhry’s statement in Pakistan’s parliament a few days ago, Modi had said during the Ekta Parade in India on Saturday: “The real face of such people has been exposed after the truth was accepted in the parliament of our neighbouring country.

“Today when I was watching the parade of officers here, an image came up in my mind… this image was of Pulwama attack. The country can never forget that when India was mourning the death of its sons… there were some people who were not a part of that grief. They were looking for selfish gain in the Pulwama attack,” he said.

Pakistan said that it was a “brazen attempt” by the Indian government to twist Chaudhry’s remarks on the Pulwama attack a few days ago, adding that he was instead talking about the shooting down of two IAF jets on February 27, 2019.

The Foreign Office blamed the BJP’s “incurable obsession” with Pakistan, stating that it was the main reason why the right-wing party kept blaming Islamabad for its own failings and shortcomings.

“It has been a part and parcel of the BJP’s electoral strategy to raise the Pakistan ‘bogey’ in the attempt to galvanise voters’ support, while seeking to divert public attention from their domestic and foreign policy failures,” reads the statement by the Foreign Office.

Pakistan said that it believes the biggest beneficiary of the Pulwama attack was the BJP itself, who secured a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections following the attack.

“On the other hand, to this day, India has failed to provide any credible evidence of Pakistan’s alleged involvement in the Pulwama attack,” said the FO.

In conclusion, Pakistan advised the BJP to stop stoking anti-Pakistan sentiments and instead, come up to the expectations of the Indian masses to perform better in elections.

“The BJP regime is advised, once again, to stop dragging Pakistan into India’s domestic politics, especially at the time of elections in India. Instead of mobilizing the electorate through stoking of anti-Pakistan sentiments,” said Pakistan.