Sector G-12 a safe haven for drug pushers, robbers



ISLAMABAD: Amidst the fully developed sectors of Islamabad lies Sector G-12, known locally as Mehra Abadi. The thousands of acres of land occupied by the locals has become a ‘No Go Area’ for many since the illegal encroachment, construction of commercial and private property and other criminal activities continue unabated.

So much so, the said sector has become haven for the drug pushers; addicts and anti-social elements. As alleged by the residents living in the nearby sectors, people hiding in G 12 commit robberies and disappear in this sector. They also allege, police unfortunately either has not access to this sector or do not want to purge the Aegean stables.

The badly affected segment happens to be the youth in this case since many schools are located around the area. The drug pushers penetrate into these schools; lure young lads and thus make them addicts. This practice regrettably continues since long.

The resident living nearby have time and again registered their complaints wither with the local authorities or on Prime Minister Portal but nothing significant has been done so far and consequently illegal practices remain in operation.

The proposed Sector G-12 is an anomaly in an otherwise well-planned, well-developed and CDA maintained capital city. The civic agency had acquired the land from locals but for past three decades it has failed to take possession.

Although the award for G-12 land was given back in 1986, the local residents didn’t accept the terms and condition and refused to vacate. In the 1990’s and 2000’s multiple anti-encroachment operations were undertaken by CDA with assistance from Police and District Administration with little or no substantial results.

Also, due to the illegal occupancy by locals, sectors like G-13, G-14, F-14 and housing society near motorway are connected to mainland Islamabad with only one road, the Kashmir Highway. No service road and inter-sector roads exist.

Meanwhile, during past decade many shops, showrooms, marriage halls, marquees and other structures have been erected in and around the disputed sector. Since the land is not regulated under the domain of CDA, the sale and purchase of land is done through stamp papers. The absence of regulations and rules has made sector G-12 a safe choice specially for middle sized businesses like supply, hardware, car wash, cement etc.

It is pertinent to mention that sector G-12, the long disputed sector of Islamabad for the past two decades, is witnessing unbridled infrastructure development on its fringes. One can witness the development along the Kashmir Highway while entering and leaving Islamabad. Dozens of shops, marriage halls, marquees and showrooms can be spotted along the borders of G-12. Few months ago the district administration and CDA launched a massive operation to remove these encroachments, and they were able to remove some, however after strong resistance from the local the operation was left in half way.

On papers, CDA had acquired the sector back in 1985, however, the locals refused to give possession as they found the compensation to be insufficient. The sale and purchase of land in the sector has been barred since then. At present, many businessmen and property dealers are selling and purchasing the land in the sector. The sales and purchases are being done without a lawful transfer of title, allocation of a plot on the map and registry.

Due to the rampant urbanization along the Kashmir Highway during last few years, the mushrooming of restaurants and marquees in the area initiated a new trend of connecting the building structures with main Kashmir Highway. This practice has also resulted in severe accidents in addition to creating traffic woes.

CDA officials say that the issue of G-12 has multiple dimensions. ‘They (the locals) have taken their case to the court and bagged stay orders. In that situation the hands of the CDA are tied.