Youth ‘punished’ for standing up to bullies harassing female students


GUJRANWALA, Oct 03 (DNA): A youth in Gujranwala was allegedly subjected
to physical assault by a gang of delinquent after he tried to resist
them harassing female students.

According to the details, the event transpired in the Dhale police
station jurisdiction where a young man reportedly warned a group of
aberrant men as they were hounding the passerby female students.

Reacting brutally to the youth’s confrontation that he put up against
their offences and harassing towards innocent female students, the group
resorted to physical assault and torture on the man.

The bullies not only thrashed him remorselessly and fled the scene
leaving him wounded, but in fact, made a video of the event with,
perhaps, an intent to embarrass the youth for impeding their offence.

Footage of the event, now viral on the social media, suggests that while
some of the group members meted out physical assault on the man, others
cried slurs against him as they made video. However, after the video
made rounds on the social media the police of Dhale Police Station took
notice and lodged a case against 25 suspected bullies involved in the

Dhale Police said that it was able to arrest four suspects so far with
the help of the video-led evidence while was still investigating the
available evidence and statements to get the lead on the remaining 21

City Police officer Rai Babar said the police was on a hunt for all the
nominated suspects and once detained the people involved will be dealt
with legally. DNA